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Examples include animated, off-stage, off-screen or non-visible characters in various works, including feature films, dubbed foreign language films, animated short films, television programs, commercials, radio or audio dramas, comedy, video games, puppet shows, amusement rides, audiobooks and documentaries. Voice acting is also done for small handheld audio games. Agnes Robertson Moorehead was an American actress whose 41-year career included work in radio, stage, film, and television. She is best known for her role as Endora on the television series Bewitched, but she also has notable roles in films, including Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons, Dark Passage, All That Heaven Allows, Show Boat, and Hush. ush, Sweet Charlotte. Oliver James Platt is a Canadian-born American actor. He has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award, as well as Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer is an American actor. He has appeared in various films, including You Can Count on Me, A Beautiful Mind, Sweet Home Alabama, Hulk, Secondhand Lions, Stealth, An Unfinished Life, Glory Road, Poseidon, Management, Life as We Know It, The Lincoln Lawyer, J. His television roles include The Firm, The Mysteries of Laura, and Yellowstone. Prabhu is an Indian film actor, businessman and film producer who has predominantly appeared in Tamil language films and also in a few Malayalam and Telugu films. He is the son of veteran actor Sivaji Ganesan, while his son Vikram Prabhu is also a Tamil actor. After making his debut in Sangili (1982), the actor has played a series of leading and supporting roles, earning the Best Actor award recognition by the Tamil Nadu state for his portrayal in Chinna Thambi (1992). James Robert Rebhorn was an American character actor who appeared in over 100 films, television series, and plays.

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If the outside isn’t your cup of tea, then QUAD’s “The Best of 10” ten-film season includes ten titles chosen from each year that the venue has been open and takes place between August and December 2018. Alongside the ten films, QUAD asked the public to vote for their favourite film shown at the venue, which will be shown as the final, eleventh choice. But we haven’t even mentioned the film clubs, education and quiz nights so please go to to get involved in many more creative events. With a comprehensive cinematic schedule running throughout the year with events catering for all tastes, ages and backgrounds, we wish all the staff, crew, films and filmmakers all the best for another decade of fantastic film feasts. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the festival again hosted by QUAD, this year it kicked off on the 4th May followed by ten days of screenings, talks, short films and competitions. Similar to last year’s sub-festival Fantastiq, the first four days of the festival were dedicated to Paracinema, a celebration of films and genres outside the mainstream including new releases and cult classics. Here are a few of new and cult classics screened during the festival: Attack of the Adult Babies. Brunt has built up quite the resume in recent years, his great work within the horror genre alone has gained him the reputation as a director you should definitely look out for when any of his projects hit the shelves. An ordinary family are forced to break into a country manor to steal top secret information, what they find however are powerful, obese, middle aged men dressed in nappies being tendered to and waited upon by overly sexualised nurses in PVC uniforms. This is not your typical horror film. The humour comes as quick and thick as the gore which will please both horror and comedy fans. Lines such as “We’re gonna need a bigger nappy” and “I’m going to cut you worse than a state pension” prove how much of an aware, modern film Attack of the Adult Babies is. Shot on location at Broughton Hall in West Yorkshire, Attack of the Adult Babies joins Brunt’s CV of making socially aware Northern genre films, something not many can boast of. Since the release of The Purge series and last year’s Get Out there has been a revived interest in social-political horror films and after having watched this film I’m of the opinion this deserves a place in the conversation too.

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Charles Babbage Answer: D 14. Otto Answer: C 15. What piece of clothing was invented by French fashion designer Louis Reard in 1946? A. Zoot suit B. Mini-skirt C. Bikini D. Tank top Answer: C 16. In which year was MIDI introduced? A. 1987 B. 1983 C. 1973 D. 1977 Answer: B 17.

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You will only get referrals and repeat business if the professionals tossing your name around trust that you will make them look good and represent them in the best light. Not to mention the fact that being separated from their only sister. It was interesting to me that Reese Witherspoon is being touted as the star of the film just as Brad Pitt was pushed as the star of 12 Years A Slave in order to put butts in the seats. Regardless, I am just glad the story is being told and brought to the forefront. We take a lot for granted here in America and need to open our eyes and hearts to other parts of the world who are less fortunate. Now more than ever, the lessons and words of the 60's Civil Rights Movement should be resoundingly heard. ot as a whisper barely heard or spoken. Kudos to Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and Casting Director Mindy Marin for using actors who are real Sudan survivors. One of the things that was soooo much fun was when my parents and their friends would have a night out on the town. What that meant is that my brother and I got to spend the night with our cousins for the weekend. We would all pile up in one bed. ometimes as many as six of us laughing and playing throughout the night. Unfortunately, for children in many other countries, piling in bed is a necessity. ot a luxury activity.

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She wrote several books of which Reminiscences and Recollections written in Marathi, are considered classics. She established Poona Seva Sadan for education of women to make them economically independent. She also established Seva Sadan Nursing and Medical Associations. Ramachandran, Dr. M. . The late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister was on Jan. 5,1988 posthumously awarded Bharat Ratna the highest civilian honour by the nation. He was the founder leader of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa: A great Saint of India and guru of Swami Vivekananda. He hailed from Bengal and the Ramakrishna Mission has been founded after his name. It was through him that the Bhakti movement became popular in North India. He was the first Hindu reformer who preached in the language of the people in Hindi. Ramanuja: Ramanuja preached Vaishnavism in the south and declared Bhakti to be the sole of Salvation.

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Upon leaving school, he joined the U. . Army in 1944. He served as a drill sergeant and military policeman, and specialized in close order drill, judo and hand-to-hand combat. After his honorable discharge in 1947 he took on a variety of jobs, including fireman, cowboy, and farm-machinery salesman. In 1953 he was working as a lifeguard at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas when he was spotted by Hollywood agents, Ed and Walter Mayers. They were impressed by his handsome features, muscular physique, and imposing height. Scott then beat out 200 contestants to replace Lex Barker as Edgar Rice Burroughs' famous jungle hero Tarzan. Film producer Sol Lesser offered him a 7 year contract, a loin cloth and a new last name. So as Gordon Scott, he debuted in the low-budget Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle (Harold D. Schuster, 1955). It led to a romance with co-star Vera Miles, who became his wife in 1956. Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle was followed by Tarzan and the Lost Safari (H. Bruce Humberstone, 1957), the first Tarzan film in colour.

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A high-accuracy velocity measurement system was used to record the motion of the bursting disk. These experiments have shown that the early-time motion of the bursting disk corresponds qualitatively to the onset of thermal explosion and growth of reaction within the explosive specimens. However, the velocity history traces are more complex than had been anticipated. In particular, unexplained shoulders were observed in the Phase-Doppler Velocimeter (PDV) data. Some preliminary modelling studies have been carried out in order to shed light on the complex shapes of the projectile velocity histories. The NASA Constellation Program had several risks to the development of the Ares I vehicle linked to LOA. The risks included cost, schedule and technical impacts for component qualification due to high predicted vibro-acoustic environments. One solution is to mitigate the environment at the component level. However, where the environment is too severe for component survivability, reduction of the environment itself is required. The Ares I Scale Model Acoustic Test (ASMAT) program was implemented to verify the Ares I LOA and IOP environments for the vehicle and ground systems including the Mobile Launcher (ML) and tower. An additional objective was to determine the acoustic reduction for the LOA environment with an above deck water sound suppression system. ASMAT was a development test performed at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) East Test Area (ETA) Test Stand 116 (TS 116). The ASMAT program is described in this presentation. A methodology is presented for determining mb(Pn) magnitude of underground nuclear explosions from local Pn phase.

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It's a B movie with style - the stuff that dreams are made of. That was certainly the intent, to be sure, but the film comes up short in all three areas. But it is a most agreeable, pleasurable cinematic calling card. But the uplifting vibes - and occasionally absent slasher - haven't come close to overstaying their welcome. But the bigger thing about this film is that it makes us think about humanness, what it means, what it is, and what it might be in the future. All of the children in these shorts are excellent. To download and subscribe to Right Where You Are Sitting Now by Ken Eakins (WSH Media), get iTunes now. From fringe musicians to cults, from alternative thinkers to Magick? asically if it's coming from a fresh or different perspective, we are interested in it. He also gets Josh to speak publicly about magic without groaning. STUFF WE TALKED ABOUT: Susan Blackmore explains Memes. Sorry this has taken so long, but we've all been super super busy with the 9-5. Posture is for losers, Super horny robots, A new Roswell? And much.

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He added that the benefits currently afforded a favourable tax treatment would be most impacted. “Typically these include death-in-service benefits, health screens, car parking, workplace gyms, work-related training, mobile phones and low-CO 2 cars,” he said. The most affected perks are likely to be those involving benefits such as gym membership that are currently exempt from tax. If a company offered gym membership worth ? 60 a year under a salary sacrifice scheme — or offered it as a perk with a cash alternative — a basic rate taxpayer would pay an extra ? 2 of tax and the employer would pay just under ? 0 of extra national insurance contributions. The changes are unlikely to affect private medical insurance, which is already liable to both tax and employer national insurance contributions (NICs). In a consultation, HMRC said that in most cases the changes would only apply to income tax and employer NICs, because no employee NICs were due on the vast majority of benefits in kind. Separately, the motoring organisation the AA has called on the chancellor to cut Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), claiming it has risen faster than any other form of taxation in recent years. In November 2015, the rate of IPT on car and all other insurance products went up from 6% to 9. %, and then another 0. points on 1 October 2016, bringing it to 10%. The AA and other insurance industry experts have expressed concern that the chancellor might add a further 2% to IPT on Wednesday.

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Despite the critical lashing that the supernatural flick received, plans for a second film came into fruition even before the film had finished its opening weekend. Thus, the world is pinned with another date with yet another board game turned movie, this time Ouija: Origin of Evil but several questions have come along for the ride. Will this sequel again follow the trail of failure set forth by its predecessor. Can this property be raised from the dead, with help from hands of actual horror expertise. The only way to answer these questions is to sit down and play the risky game of Ouija once more. The family discovers a Ouija gameboard, using it in their act while unwittingly inviting evil spirits into their home. The family is forced to confront the unthinkable creatures that dwell in their house, as well as seek to save their daughter from a cruel spirit. Directed by Mike Flanagan, who delivered hits like 2013’s Oculus and this year’s Netflix sleeper Hush, the film stars Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso and Lulu Wilson as the Zander clan, mother, eldest daughter and youngest daughter respectively. The film is rounded out with a small supporting cast, with Henry Thomas as Father Tom, Parker Mack as Mikey and the man himself, Doug Jones as Marcus. As though Mike Flannigan and crew were reading a manual on how to make The Conjuring, Ouija 2 delivers astounding cinematography, miles ahead of the bland original. The film grips at a vintage feel and never releases, allowing for a bit of personality in the environment and the actual film to shine through. From reel transitions boasting old school cigarette burns to use of that time periods Universal logo, the movie gains major brownie points for seeping the world of 1960’s California right into the frame. Following the down-on-their-luck family as they struggle against the evils of the Ouija board interests an audience more than watching a group of 26-year-olds play high school. Lulu Wilson is an absolute standout as Doris Zander, sending shivers down your spine whenever she flashes that demented smile of hers, showcasing a mask of innocence in front of a demonic presence.

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Lebowitz Collection of 20th Century Jewish American Literature. Hi there. Yo u ’ re not going to believe this, but I ’ m you of the year 2016, taking part in the first time-travel experiment ever. Guide Timefall by James Kahn First publication: Feb 1987 This is the third book in Kahn’s New World trilogy, but the hero Joshua doesn’t know about the post-apocalyptic fantasy adventures of World Enough, and Time (Book I) and Time’s Dark Laughter (Book II). Time is cyclic and a previous version of Joshua has left him a message that leads Joshua of our world, wife of our world, and millionaire of our world to a lost city in the Amazon where the people think Joshua is their god arisen. Oh, and there are tunnels to different times and a circuitous but definite, supramundane possibility that the entire cyclical universe is going to end (or maybe never even exist in the first place). The 2014 release of the book includes new material. Guide Fraggle Rock created by Jim Henson First time travel: 23 Feb 1987 The symbolic and colorful world of Jim Henson’s fraggle muppets included at least one moment of time travel when Mokey, Boober and Wembly are mysteriously transported back to a time of fraggles who cannot laugh. No, Sprocket, because the past and the future are happening now, here in the present. Guide “Dinosaur on a Bicycle” by Tim Sullivan First publication: Asimov’s Science Fiction, Mar 1987 Harry Quince-Pierpont Fotheringgay, the assistant to the learned Sir Brathewaite pedals a time bicycle from a civilized Victorian era to the distant path where, among others, he meets his own tyranosaur ancestor and two talking simians. As far as Harry was concerned, they were getting altogether too near his gigantic ancestor now. The story also appeared in this 1990 collection. “The Silver Box” by Louise Lawrence First publication: A Quiver of Ghosts, Mar 1987 While searching for a ghost in the past, Mark and Zak stumble upon young Carole, shut up in her bedroom with glandular fever in 1987. What else do we live for but the little mundane things of life.

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No other disease on Earth has this bizarre symptom. So could this mean that Morgellons originated somewhere other than Earth? . Moore concluded that the unusual rock had formed under extremely dry conditions, was volcanic in origin, and most likely resulted when a large asteroid struck the surface of Mars. Ten or fifteen years after first finding the space rock, Moore discovered that “fuzz” or “filaments” were coming out of the crevice that runs through one side of the meteorite. It was not until NASA announced in 1996 that they had found the possible remnants of life in a Martian meteorite that Moore began to consider that he was seeing some kind of Martian life growing on his own meteorite. When Moore put a sample from the space rock under a microscope, he found a piece of something that had obviously been some kind of plant or at least some kind of living thing. A later analysis of a section of Moore’s meteor conducted by a lab worker at the Roswell UFO Museum in New Mexico confirmed the presence of a fiber-like creature that moved on the slide as if trying to avoid being stuck there for examination. The concept of a disease from outer space infecting unsuspecting Earthlings is not a new one, however. The story begins when a military satellite returns to Earth. Aerial surveillance reveals that everyone in Piedmont, Arizona, the town closest to where the satellite landed, is apparently dead. The base commander suspects the satellite returned with an extraterrestrial organism and recommends activating Wildfire, a protocol for a government-sponsored team that counters extraterrestrial biological infestation. The Andromeda Strain itself eventually mutates to a benign form and the whole effort is effectively covered up and given no media attention at all. The novel was published just weeks before the first lunar landing and there was a general concern about whether the astronauts could bring back germs from the moon.

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